Current projects

How do institutions characterize race and racism?

In corporate settings, racial diversity is often justified as either a business or moral imperative. Relatedly, institutions differ in how they define racism - as acts of interpersonal prejudice or as systems of privilege. My research explores how these varying conceptualizations of diversity and racism may undermine or amplify support for diversity and inclusion initiatives, and public trust in these institutions.


What are the psychological impacts of gentrification?

Gentrification impacts nearly every major city in the U.S., causing demographic shifts and cultural hostility within neighborhoods. Though well-studied by other social scientists, gentrification is nearly untouched by psychologists. My (emerging!) line of research aims to understand how gentrification impacts cultural norms within neighborhoods, and consequently, original residents’ sense of agency and belonging.

Mind map

My current research projects are just a snippet of my interests. Below is a mind map I sketched when I first applied to grad school. It visualizes my many nodes of interest and some of the research questions I'd like to explore some day.

Rachel's mindmap